„The Gardens of Wilanów” walks conducted in English

On coming Sunday, the 25st of February, at 11 o’clock the second of many walks conducted in English will take place in the Gardens of Wilanów. The meetings are planned every month of the year 2018. If you love nature and long walks through the beautiful gardens, this information is for you. The 90 minutes meetings are going to focus on animals and plants that you can observe in the king Jan III’s residence. Each trip will cover a different topic, beneath there is a list of topics mentioned on each trip:
February 25th – Nature’s pattern
March 18th – Nature is waking from winter’s sleep
April 22nd – A carpet of flowers
May 20th – Looking for flowers and butterflies
June 17th – In the gardens of King Jan III
July 22nd – To the water!
August 19th – The Wilanów farm
September 9th – Let’s go!
October 21st – Among the falling leaves
November 18th – A box of curiosities
December 9th – A winter meeting with the birds
You can take part in a trip only after buying a ticket (10 zł). They are available at the museum ticket office. The amount of tickets is limited.
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